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Fusion Bonds hair exts


This is the clients natural


This is when the Fusion
Bonds were fitted!

Book in your colour match before your fitting.

This appointment is where you can see examples of the hair extension methods, discuss which method would be best for your hair.

This appointment requires a deposit of £100 which does come off your final price.

Payable via


Bank transfer

The hair I use is Remy hair.

This hair is real human hair, and you really can treat as you would your natural hair.

Fusion Bonds hair extensions

(Keratin Bonds)

Pre bonded extensions are fitted using a heat gun, which melts the small keratin bond to a section of the clients hair.

Once melted the keratin is rolled between the technicians fingertips to 'fuse' and cool into a solid bond.

Unlike tape in hair extensions, for example Fusion hair extensions come in strands of hair.

For your fitting appointment, it takes a little longer to fit than other methods.

Depending on if you are having a half head or a full head.

Do not wash your hair until 48 hours after the extensions have been installed.

Brush the hair out completely with an extension brush before entering the shower and before bedtime.

It prevents extension mattings, tangling and spreads nourishing oil throughout the extensions.

Wash every 2 days or less, do not wash your hair upside down.

Do not scrub hair aggressively.

Do not get shampoo or conditioner on the bonds.

At bedtime, braid hair into two side braids.

This will help to prevent tangling and matting at the root area.

Never sleep with your extensions wet, these will make the extensions matted.

Fusion bonds

16 inches                                                £250.00

Fusion bonds

18 inches                                                £275.00

Fusion bonds

20 inches                                               £290.00

If the length you are looking for is not here, please do get in touch

They are not affected by salt water or chlorine.


The hair extensions are fitted.


This is where the hair extensions are

Removal of the Fusion Bonds

This appointment is must, and should only be removed by a trained, qualified hair extension technician.

Before this appointment, please do soak your extensions in conditioner every day for at least 10 minutes.

This will soften up the extensions ready for removal.

The time of this appointment varies between 2 hours or less.

It is £65.00 for this removal, and that does include your £10.00 deposit.