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Micro rings

What the difference between Nano rings and Micro rings?

Main difference between the two is the size.

Nano rings are around 90% smaller in size than Micro Rings.

Both methods are comfortable to wear.

Micro rings



Micro rings



Micro rings



Micro Rings hair extensions

Tiny, silicone lined aluminium rings hold the extensions securely in place, without the need for glue or chemicals.

Colour match

This appointment is where you will meet your hair extension tech and go over which method is best for your hair, lifestyle and yourself.

You can see examples of Micro Rings.

And the hair extension tech can make sure they get the correct hair match for the extensions.

With this appointment, a deposit of £100 is required.

This does come off your final price.

Payable via -


Bank transfer

The process involves placing individual hair extension strands, and securing them with a Micro Ring.

With the correct maintenance, Micro ring hair extensions can last around 6/9 months.

Natural hair has oil from your scalp feeding the hair keeping it supple, soft and shiny.

The rings do not damage your natural hair, there is no risk of inadvertently pulling or tearing your own hair.